Synagogue, Church, Mosque: Connections and Conversions

thursday 16 november 2017 - 14:00


Conference organized by Sabine Frommel (EPHE PSL) and Johan Mårtelius (SRII) with the collaboration of Gerhard Wolf (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut).

16-18 November 2017.

Venue: Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII), Istiklal Caddesi 247, Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

The conference considers interactions, transformations and conversions of religious buildings as a result of diverse interventions and influences over a large span of time. A comparative analysis substantially adds to our understanding of the architectural essence connected to the three Abrahamic religions. With their shared roots in the eastern Mediterranean region, through many centuries interactions have taken place in many parts of Europe, in the Arab world, the Ottoman empire and beyond. The transformation of the architectural structures, the change of ornamentation, bearing new signification and symbolic values, will be considered in detail. The genesis of the projects for synagogues, churches and mosques will be investigated by the roles of architects, patrons and the religious communities, as well as of established conventions and innovative aspirations.