Applicants who hold a research master’s degree or other equivalent degrees are admitted to study for a PhD, following approval from the relevant commission. Students are mentored by the network of research institutes from the EPHE Doctoral School (ED 472)

Doctoral students also benefit from additional mentoring in the form of “Dissertation Monitoring Committees” (CST - Comités de suivi de thèse), regardless of the specialization they have chosen. This committee meets on a yearly basis and it is compulsory.

Within the framework of the Bologna Process, doctoral students are invited to fulfill an individual doctoral program, on a voluntary basis, which provides them with recognition through ECTS credits for their doctoral activities.

These actions are in line with the Doctoral School’s mission of training PhD candidates and preparing them for entering professional life.

The PhD program comprises 3 specializations:

  • “History, Texts and Documents” (HTD - Histoire, textes et documents)
  • “Religions and Thought Systems” (RSP - Religions et systèmes de pensée)
  • “Integrated Systems, the Environment and Biodiversity” (SIEB - Systèmes intégrés, environnement et biodiversité)

Please see Doctoral Studies.