Master’s in Biology, Health and Ecology

Master’s in Biology, Health and Ecology: personalized and supervised project and program (double scientific and pedagogical mentoring).

The Master’s in Biology, Health and Ecology proposes two specializations.

Biodiversity and Environmental Management

This specialization focuses in particular on terrestrial and aquatic environments, their physical components, managing their biodiversity, and past and present climatic, and anthropogenic impacts. The course’s originality lies in its multidisciplinary approach to subjects as varied as temperate and tropical, marine and forest ecology, molecular biology, evolution, the Environment (water quality, risk assessment), population genetics, paleoclimatology, biogeomorphology, conservation biology and environmental geography.

Signaling and Integrated Systems in Biology

This multidisciplinary specialization concentrates on the study of integrated systems at different levels within the framework of several pathophysiological contexts, mainly those relating to oncogenesis and cancer, genetics, neurosciences, infectiology and immunology. The cellular aspects address macromolecular structure organization and activity, genome expression organization and regulation, and cell signaling. Cellular differentiation and functions are considered within the framework of complex integrated systems, at various stages of development, in their normal and pathological contexts and from the tissue to complete organism levels. The aim is to adopt an integrated approach to gain greater insight into the molecular and cellular mechanisms of living organisms, as well as concerning the individual in its biological and psychophysiological complexity.