Degree-awarding Courses

The EPHE welcomes students, for master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral courses, who have already reached an advanced stage in their academic achievements; many attend the School as it is the only one in France and throughout the world to propose extremely specialized and detailed courses in the field of knowledge. Students may also enroll for the EPHE’s institution-specific degree.

National Degrees

  • Master’s Degrees

The EPHE welcomes students for master’s degree courses (vocational or research courses) who have already reached an advanced stage in their academic achievements.

The School proposes three master’s degrees: Master’s in Biology, Health and Ecology (BSE – Biologie, Santé et Écologie); Master’s in European, Mediterranean and Asian Studies (EEMA - Études européennes, méditerranéennes et asiatiques); Master’s in Religious Sciences and Society (SRS - Sciences des religions et société).

  • PhD

The PhD candidates are recruited and tutored by the EPHE’s Doctoral School which proposes 3 specializations: “History, Texts and Documents” (HTD - Histoire, textes et documents), “Religions and Thought Systems” (RSP - Religions et systèmes de pensée) and “Integrated Systems, the Environment and Biodiversity” (SIEB - Systèmes intégrés, environnement et biodiversité).

  • Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR – Accreditation to Supervise Research)

The “Habilitation à diriger des recherches” (accreditation to serve as the director of PhD research) is a post-doctoral qualification leading to the highest academic degree in France. It endorses the candidate’s scientific excellence, the originality of his or her work in a field of science, the ability to master a research strategy in a comprehensive scientific or technological field, and the possession of skills for mentoring young researchers.

Institution-specific Diplomas

  • EPHE Diploma

The EPHE Diploma is an institution-specific degree that acknowledges the French Baccalaureate + 5 years of higher education. No prerequisite diploma or degree is required for students to enroll in this program. This courses offer personalized one-to-one mentoring in support of a scientific research project. Between two and six years of study is required to acquire this diploma, depending on the student’s entrance level.

  • Post-Doctoral Diploma

Students who hold a PhD or a foreign diploma deemed to be equivalent may apply to study for this institution-specific degree.The study period normally lasts two years and it is completed by the writing of a dissertation. This diploma endorses highly specialized advanced research.