Courses at the EPHE


All courses at the EPHE are taught in accordance with the institution’s founding educational principle: to train in research by means of adapted practice in lectures, seminars or lab sessions, in the following areas:

  • Earth and Life Sciences
  • Historical and Philological Sciences
  • Religious Sciences


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This tradition, which has endured since the founding of the EPHE, is at the root of the School’s main vocation in preparing for research degrees today.

Vocational degrees are also offered, namely within the IESR (e.g. the vocational Master in Religions and Society). These programs, whether in Earth and Life Studies or in Historical and Philological Studies and Religious Studies, are in line with the research interests of the EPHE which often invests itself in innovating areas. This factor combined with the multidisciplinary structure of its Sections explains why the EPHE offers studies programs which are broadly unique to it, both for its teaching approach and topics covered.


  • Conferences (lectures, seminars and courses) in the Historical and Philological Sciences and the Religious Sciences Sections are open to all students and auditors.

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Course modules in the Earth and Life Sciences are restricted to students registered for initial or continuing training in this Section.

The School’s institutional degrees

  • Joint university degrees (concentrated certification studies) are offered jointly by the EPHE and partner universities (joint degrees in Flow Cytometry, Market Access, Spatial Data Processing).
  • The Diplôme de l'EPHE offers students an opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies at the master’s level that are unique and distinct from national diploma programs, while providing a basis for doctoral studies.
  • Students holding a doctorate may enroll for the Diplôme post-doctoral de l'EPHE, a highly specialized postdoctoral degree conferred on completion of original research conducted in the years following the thesis.

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The EPHE confers two State-accredited Masters:

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  • The EPHE confers the State accredited Doctorate in the three subject areas of Integrated Systems, environment and biodiversity ; History, texts and documents ; Religions and thought systems.
  • Guidance is provided by research teams at the EPHE’s Doctoral School.

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Habilitation à diriger des recherches

The Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches is the highest postdoctoral qualification in French academia. It formally recognizes the superior scientific skills of candidates, their original approach in a scientific area, their mastery of research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological domain, as well their ability to supervise young researchers. The EPHE has been accredited to confer the Habilitation since 2008.

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Continuing education

The EPHE is accredited to provide continuing education and offers a wide range of courses of study as well as specific modules in Earth and Life Sciences, and in Religious Sciences.

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Guide pour l'inscription à l'EPHE

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Inscriptions 2015-2016.

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Tarifs des droits d'inscription 2015-2016

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EPHE - Droits d'inscription 2015-2016

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Master Biologie Santé Ecologie : calendrier des enseignements 2015-2016

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Master Biologie Santé Ecologie : stages 2015-2016

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Calendrier des enseignements 2015-2016

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Calendrier 2015-2016 des enseignements.

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Master SHS - Sciences des religions et société

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La mention Sciences des religions et société (SRS) est cohabilitée avec l'EHESS. Elle se compose de deux voies :

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Master SHS - Etudes européennes, méditerranéennes et asiatiques

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Master SHS-EEMA habilité par le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche. Orientation "Recherche".

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